Welcome to the website for Ling 380/Soc 427, “Sociology of Language.” From here, you can access the syllabus and (password-protected) readings, as well as weekly updates, including information on assignments, quizzes, exams, and what readings should be done.

Course Description

This course explores the intersection of society and language. When a person speaks, a large amount of information about their gender, ethnicity, class, location, and even political affiliation is often expressed. Students will learn about key topics in sociolinguistics, including language variation, language change, attitudes towards language, register, and code switching. Particular attention will be paid to sociolinguistic issues in New York City. The sorts of questions that will be explored include: What is conveyed by the stereotypical New York accent, and why do so many people actively try to lose theirs? (And why does it seem to come back when around family?) Why do some New Yorkers pronounce “mozzarella,” “ricotta,” and “capicola” in a noteworthy way, and why are they often made fun of for it? Where did “ain’t,” “finna,” and “brang” come from, and why do some people wrongly insist that they’re “not real words”?

Class Meeting

Class meets on Fridays from 2:30 to 6:10pm over Zoom.

Zoom link: Click here.
Meeting ID: 554 539 7081
Passcode: linguist